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What's New at Pyke Farms Landscaping Products

What's NEW @ Pyke Farms Landscaping Products


  • Green Revival 8-1-6 - A plant-based slow releasing nitrogen and potassium source.
  • Green Acres 5-1-5 - All-natural alfalfa blend fertilizer. Naturally occurring in alfalfa, triacontanol is known to increase root mass, increase nitrogen assimilation, encourage earlier and stronger tillering, greener and broader leaves.
  • Grassy Gold 9-0-0 - (organic corn gluten) A plant-based slow releasing nitrogen fertilizer. Apply before crabgrass and weed seeds have the opportunity to germinate.


Corn Gluten Meal or CGM is a byproduct of the corn milling process. Primarily used as livestock feed, CGM's natural herbicidal properties were discovered accidentally in 1991 by researcher Nick Christians at Iowa State University. CGM works by inhibiting the germination of weed seeds, and is also a natural 10% slow release nitrogen supply. This actually makes it a natural "weed and feed". For more information online, please visit

TERRANEM: NEMATODES (White Grub Control)

This parasitic bacteria comes in a dissolvable clay puck carrying material. The Nematode actively searches for grub larvae to feed on. As the larvae are consumed, the nematodes move through the soil looking for more. When they run out of larvae to eat they die out.


Mushroom Compost is made from blending composted hay, corn cobs, brewers grain, cocoa bean shells, soybean meal, peat moss and ground limestone. Once the compost has produced a crop of mushrooms, the "spent" compost can be used as an effective soil conditioner, offering valuable organic matter, minerals and nutrients.