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PykeFarms has great landscaping products – they’re all premium quality and used by professional landscapers and home gardeners alike. We keep up with landscaping trends to offer you the latest in landscaping products to get your property looking great.

Have a look at our products below. Then, you can calculate the amount you need and the total costs.

Delivery is available – whether you need 1/4 of a cubic yard or 100 cubic yards! Our delivery trucks are equipped with dividers which allow us to deliver two different products at once. . . saving you time and money.

Delivery Charges -
At Pyke Farms our delivery charges are an attempt to cover the costs of operating our dump trucks. At our current rates the direct expenses such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and licences are almost covered. They do not cover the labour cost of the drivers. The average delivery takes nearly an hour from the time we begin loading until the truck gets back to our yard. Travel time is longer in the dump trucks and 10 to 15 minutes is usually spent unloading before the return trip to the yard.

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